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Welcome to the Phoenix Wellness and Education Center's Website!

Billings, MT

With a new name comes a new mission!

We are expanding the practice to include new modalities. We have two wonderful massage therapists, Amy Jens. If you would like to schedule a massage, give us a call!

We will be continuing to add modalities throughout the next year. We will begin offering classes to the public as well as continuing education classes for practitioners in the fall of 2015. Read further on this website or our Facebook page for more information.

We look forward to continuing to serving you!


2016 09 06 - Detoxing

Dr. Paul Robbins and Kara Burpee MS LAc discuss why we detox, what the benefits are and why you want to detox your body.

2016 09 20 - Emotions And Stress

Kara Burpee MS LAc and Dr. Paul Robbins discuss personal experience with stress, emotional overload and ways to help yourself.

2016 07 19 - GMOs

Dr. Paul and Kara discuss genetically modified organisms and some of the implications in our food supply.

2017 01 03 - Metals And Minerals

Kara and Paul discuss utilizing whole food nutrition and homeopathy to help your body detox and expel toxins and heavy metals. Detox is a way to help your body maximize natural functions to improve overall health. Heavy Metals and other toxins have been shown to contribute to long term chronic illness.